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Monday, September 10, 2007

Paladin Pals and Ranking Up

Today was a busy day! I flagged up on WHM and soon got an invite out to the Crawler's Nest. Turns out this was a very multi-lingual party: 2 English, 2 Japanese and 2 Spanish.

After the disaster that was yesterday's group today would have been great if I could just do my job. As it turns out, today would be one of my best parties ever. I was the lowest level, arriving at 47 among a 49-51 spread. Honestly, with both their pally and RDM raise-capable I wasn't sure why they invited me at that level, or tolerated my getting lost on the way to the lower area of the nest (note to self, get the damned map!)

But they did, and we rocked hard. As usual, the PLD, (Milkey in this party), kept hate and didn't take excessive damage. Cure IV was getting an occasional use but C3 was more than enough during the nearly three-hour run. The RDM, Greeneyesj, spammed Refresh and I really didn't need to worry about MP. We chained a lot, and they absolutely had the skillchain thing down, dropping 2 chains almost every pull. I threw in for some magic burst action but wasn't getting any damage.

I managed to ding twice, to 49 and get a solid buffer. Just before I was going to attempt auto-translating a plea to leave, one of the others cut out and we disbanded. Now that I'm so close to 50 and LB1 I hope I don't have a problem finding parties. WHM's can't solo!

. . .

I logged back in around 9:30 planning on hitting a few T-T runs when Fhox insisted he help me get Rank 4. I already had the Mission flagged and the prelim work done and he said he'd be there in 30 or so. /wait 4500 later and we start. Mission 3-3 is a long slog up to the tenth floor of Delkfutt's Tower to fight a gigas called Pophyrion. Fhox and I duoed to the top and creamed Po and his buddies. I might have even been able to solo it but after getting mauled by puny Korolloka Leeches I wasn't brave enough. Oh well. Now I have Rank 4 and a Delkfutt Key which is a timesaver in some future quests.

I also snagged a Tenshodo Invite off the AH for 1,100 gil when the median was like 8k. I passed on Fhox's offer of a Tenshodo Tour because I had a committee meeting and vendor presentation. I didn't log out until 1:15 and I expect I'll be feeling this one later!

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